Dog Sculpture Commissions


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“As with most dog owners, I believe Saffy to be the most adorable and charismatic dog I have ever owned, so it was with great delight that through mutual friends we came to meet Suzie.

Having been to many of Suzie’s Open Studios highlighting the gorgeous jewellery and fantastic leaf sculptures she had become renowned for, I happened to spot the dog sculptures she had done for herself.

Seeing the love and care she had put into these, the challenge I threw down was can you complete a sculpture of Saffy that captures what she means to me — not just a caricature but the essence of my beautiful Elkhound?

When I first viewed the finished sculpture I was astounded as to how much she had captured — the real Saffy and her sculpture are two peas in a pod.

Visitors to the house always ask if I can put the two together just to see the facial expressions of both. I am still staggered even to this day as I pat my Saffy sculpture on the head as I walk past.

The risk was that any sculptor would not be able to capture the essence of the animal. My reservations were immediately put to rest when I saw the finished creation. It’s stunning. Suzie’s clearly created it with her love for dogs, and designed and born from such artistry, passion and a huge amount of undoubted talent”.


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