Dog Sculpture Commissions


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“We first met Suzie at a Craft Fair at Hatfield House about four years ago. We were struck by two things — the originality of her exhibits and how friendly she was. We loved her beautiful leaf dishes and her gorgeous dog sculptures.  They were so eye-catching and lifelike.

The thought of having our two madcap dogs as sculptures just wouldn’t leave me. They are lovely looking dogs, and I felt Suzie would do them justice, not as replicas, but I felt she would capture their essence. I felt she knew how to put their characters into a sculpture.

When she met them, she spent time in our garden chatting to us, watching the dogs and taking photographs. She looked at them through her ’artistic eye’, and from our conversations I knew she had ’got them’.

She unveiled the sculptures at the RHS Wisley Craft Show. We were very nervous. They are a financial commitment and I so wanted them to be something I would love to look at.

She lifted the cover and I cried. They were our dogs — cheeky, enquiring and beautiful. She had picked expressions that I hadn’t really noticed — but were exactly Beau and Purdy. It surprises me every time I look at either of the sculptures or the actual dogs that she saw that in them — because it is just them.

Every time I walk into the lounge I think I have two extra dogs and they make me smile and I love them and they will be with me for ever, which I think is wonderful.

She is a very clever, lovely and talented girl, and I wish her all the very best for the future.”


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