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Dog Sculpture Commissions

My dog sculptures are born from a life-long
love of dogs. All of the dogs that I sculpt are done on
a commission basis.

When I take on a commission, ideally I like to meet the dog in person and spend time with the dog and owner to get to know both of them, as ultimately I am trying to capture the character of the dog. It’s important for me to really get to know the dog and the owner and this can often involve more than one visit to the family home.

As a dog owner myself, I completely understand the individual quirks and looks that dogs can give to their owners that are a part of a very special relationship. I’m not just trying to portray how I see the dog; it’s about what the owner sees in their dog, and my aim is to create a lasting memory of their beloved pet.

The dogs are made from a white stoneware clay base, to which I add a cellulose element that strengthens the sculpture and, if appropriate, a delicate grit element to add texture and detail. The sculptures are finished with oxides, and detailed features are added before the second firing. The dogs are approximately 30cm x 18cm – 40cm x 22cm. I do not recommend that the sculptures go outside.

In general, the cost of the sculptures depends on the dog, for example, a dog with a shaggy coat would require considerably more time and detail than a dog with smoother fur.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my dog sculpture commissions, I highly recommend that you come along to one of my shows to see the dogs in person, or alternatively, please contact me to make an appointment to see the dog sculptures at Suzie Jasper Towers in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

If you’d like a quote to have your dog sculpted, please click here to email me directly, or here to fill out an online contact form.

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