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The Danielle bracelet is made with two types of the warm semi-precious stone Dumortierite: Denim Dumortierite and Sunset Dumortierte, interspersed with quirky electroplated Hematite slithers. The bracelet is adorned with a copper leaf charm.

Sometimes mistaken for Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli, Dumortierite is much harder and durable than any other similar blue gemstone. It is said that this stone was discovered over a hundred years ago by a French palaeontologist named Dumortier. The blue colouring is due to the presence of manganese, iron and zinc. Dumortierite is said to enhance organisational abilities and self-discipline.

The classic Danielle bracelet is elasticated, meaning that it is very easy to wear.

Your bracelet will come in a beautifully packaged Suzie Jasper gift box.


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